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Construction Daily Report Automation

About Time: Say Goodbye to Incomplete, Manually Generated & Missing Daily Reports

Construction Daily Report Automation | Requordit Document ManagementJob supervisors need to fill out daily reports on labor time & attendance, equipment usage, weather, traffic, inspections, job site visitors, and sub-contractor activity. Up until now, job supervisors had to remember to create these reports daily, and both project engineers and executive management would have to sift through each report to understand what happened at the job site that day. This was time-consuming and error-prone.

Pre-Generated Reports & Automated Summaries

ReQuord Construction Document Management software automatically alerts job supervisors when each daily report is needed. ReQuord pre-generates each report to expedite their completion, which job supervisors can do on a smartphone or tablet.

When finished, project engineers and executives receive a summarized daily report over email, where they just need to scroll down to see how many guys were on the job, what they did, etc. In this way, corporate management can stay in tune with what's happening at each job site.

Construction Time & Attendance Software Comparison

Many job supervisors and executives alike dislike the inflexibility of the construction time and attendance software currently on the market. People hate not being able to configure fields, so they wind up entering spaces or zeroes in fields they don't want, and miss capturing information in other fields they need. Management also dislikes that time and attendance software is purely data collection vs. policy enforcement - there are no pre-configured forms, automatic reminders nor summary reporting.

ReQuord Document Management software is easily configurable, so that job supervisors capture only the information needed in fields that are configured for them. Management also likes the fact that, if 22 forms are needed, then job supervisors are automatically notified to fill all 22 out (and are reminded until completion), which then arrive in management inboxes with summarized information.

Construction ERP Integration

The Best Part: ReQuord Document Management software's daily reporting function is integrated with Viewpoint, SAP, JD Edwards and other construction enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

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