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Construction Drawing Management

Automate the Splitting, Routing, Annotating, and Collaborating of Construction Drawings

Drawing Scanning & Automated Splitting

Construction Drawing Management | Requordit Document ManagementProjects often have a 500-sheet set of drawings. When they are originally ingested (scanned), they will create a very large, 500-page PDF that makes it difficult to find things later. ReQuord Construction Document Management software splits each sheet into separate PDFs: drawing 1-sheet 1, drawing 1-sheet 2, etc., so they can be searched, retrieved, annotated, and printed separately.

Drawing Revision Control & Automated Routing

RFIs cause engineering changes, such as two revisions: one for sheet 23 and one for 42, for example. Construction firms need to ensure that the entire plan set is updated with those two sheets, that the appropriate people are notified and that everyone always knows which is the current plan set. ReQuord software achieves this so that you can throw out your manual log books, reduce the 20 minutes to find anything to 20 seconds, and eliminate all the mistaken log book entries and misplaced drawings involved. And, you'll avoid that $50m lawsuit because you didn't build something to spec because you missed the change order that arrived two weeks ago.

Annotations & Drawing Version Control

Through our joint venture with Bluebeam, you can easily mark up and annotate any individual drawing, and include them in version control. This is especially useful when drawings are sent between general contractors and sub-contractors that require collaboration. This functionality comes complete with software drawing logs, including which drawings went to which sub-contractors, at what time, and also includes optical character recognition (OCR) which automatically extracts the drawing title block, turns this text into keywords and populates them in ReQuord Document Management software.

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