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Streamlining Hiring/New Employee On-Boarding & Other HR Processes

Construction HR Automation | Hiring & New Employee On-Boarding | RequorditBecause construction companies are constantly hiring, automating hiring and the new employee on-boarding process as well as other HR responsibilities can mean the difference between finishing a project on-time and risking delays because of missing paperwork.

Example Construction Hiring Scenario

One of your project managers desperately needs men at a remote jobsite. He hires six guys and needs to fill out the paperwork before they can start work. The employment requests generate the need to get ten additional documents and he won't get approval to hire them unless everything is captured within 48 hours. Will the PM get everything in on time?

Hiring Success

The project manager has prospective employees fill out ReQuord e-forms on a tablet, including tax forms, insurance, benefits, and provisioning for needed trucks, phones, laptops, IT logins, etc. E-forms accepts digital signatures for W4s and I9s, which can be merged with images of IDs and automatically sent to HR for approval. Documents can also be scanned on a copier or in batches with ReQuord CaptureStation.

ReQuord Workflow Automation then routes these documents to HR for review and approval. The system will also automatically flag anything that is missing and notify the PM on their smartphone or tablet so they can get it into HR in time. All documents are then stored in ReQuord Document Management with all the needed version control, audit trails and retention scheduling.

This can cut the time needed to on-board new employees by 50-90% and get all needed manpower going on your jobsite to keep projects on track. Say goodbye to having to FedEx paperwork to corporate and the phone calls about missing documents.

Hiring Failure

We have one client that, once the employment request is submitted, a termination order is automatically generated through ReQuord Workflow to be sent out in 48 hours if any documentation is missing – it's automatically canceled once all the needed documents are checked off. This is how critical both the importance and timeliness of this HR information is and why you need ReQuord Software from Requordit.

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