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How to Get the Final Project Invoice Paid Faster, by Weeks or Months

Construction One Click Project Close-Outs | Workflow Automation | Requordit Document ManagementHow long does it take you to close out a project and to receive payment on the final invoice – you know, the invoice that, once paid, has all the profitability of the project?

For most, it takes weeks or months that need to assemble documents from shared drives, project management software, bid software, local hard drives, on paper, and in multiple software applications trying to do document management, etc.

What if you could close out your projects with one click of a button?

Most don't think this is possible. When we tell them it is, we've been yelled at, sworn at and things have been thrown at us – until they see it. How is this possible?

  1. ReQuord Construction Document Management software is a central repository for all invoices, contracts, drawings, email, etc. because it sits between your ERP system (Viewpoint, SAP, JD Edwards) and your project management software (PMWeb, Prolog)
  2. ReQuord Construction Workflow Automation software gives you the option to hit a "Create Project Closeout" button that assembles all project documentation that can be zipped and uploaded or burned to a DVD – there is no need to photocopy anything

Because it no longer takes weeks or months to assemble all project documentation, our clients can invoice the same day the project is closed out and receive payments weeks and months faster.

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