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Construction Project Management Workflow Automation | Requordit Document ManagementConstruction is a complicated business that can generate dozes of documents per day, which is why a variety of project management software packages out there are needed, including PMWeb and Prolog.

While these PM applications manage projects effectively, what happens when you need to view an RFI, contract, invoice, engineering drawing, and all the email correspondence involved?

For many construction firms, these documents exist on paper and/or reside in an electronic silo of information, whether it's document management software, cloud file sharing or otherwise.

Project Management Integration

In addition to offering the hallmarks of great document management software (search and retrieval, version control and retention scheduling), ReQuord Construction Document Management software integrates with PMWeb, Prolog and other project management software. This allows you to view RFIs, contracts, invoices, drawings, or any other document managed in ReQuord within the project management software interface, and without needing to even open the ReQuord software interface.

Change Request Workflow Automation

ReQuord Construction Document Management software also manages all workflow around change requests. RFIs can happen dozens of times per day and can generate a lot of activity and paperwork. For example, if there's a missing spec on a finish, an RFI goes out to the building owner, who responds that they want a gold finish. A change order is then generated, leading to an RFP, then a contract when a sub-contractor is hired to do the gold finish. All billing then needs to be captured. ReQuord captures all of these documents and automatically routes them to all the right people for review and approval. These documents are stored in ReQuord but can be pulled up directly in your project management software.

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