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Prolog Construction ECM Integration

Prolog Integration: ReQuord Content Management SoftwareProlog software from Meridian Systems is a leading construction project management solution for contractors and other AEC firms, providing a complete system of record for managing project information, from the field to the back office.

The Problem: Prolog can store drawings, invoices, contracts, timecards, email, but they are not accessible to your construction ERP system like Viewpoint, JD Edwards and SAP. This leads to silos of information for estimating, pre-construction, sub-contracting, close-out, and management.

Requordit Construction ECM Software

We alleviate this problem with our ability to integrate Prolog with Requordit Construction ECM software. Key integration functionality includes:

  • Access: documents can be saved, automatically indexed and retrieved directly from within Viewpoint, from the web or mobile devices, on-line or off-line
  • Workflow: documents know where they need to go, automatically, so your people just need to hit a button on their phone, tablet or computer—or they will be instructed on what needs to be done in case of exceptions (no more FedEx-ing or endless email threads)
  • Mobility: documents to be viewed and approved from any device, including the iPhone and iPad, Android phones and tablets, and Blackberry devices
  • Security: ensures that users see only what they should with access levels defined at the document level

With Requordit Construction ECM, your staff will spend less time looking for information, as it will be immediately available at the click of a mouse or the touch of a mobile device. Your entire organization will gain from efficiency improvements, enabling you to focus your resources on your clients.

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