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Report Distribution Software

Construction Report Distribution Software

ReQuord Report Distribution for Construction

Construction Report Distribution Software | Requordit Document ManagementElectronic report distribution in construction provides access to daily reporting at jobsites and other reports generated throughout the organization through an automated solution, granting desktop access to information and eliminating the costs and delays associated with manual report distribution.

Security, Search & Retrieval

ReQuord provides enterprise-wide report distribution with superior security features such as access control, data mining and electronic auditing. In addition to its automated routing based on business rules, users can easily obtain all of the documentation they are looking for through simple text searches.

Automation & ERP Integration

Automated report distribution allows for more timely decision making can be achieved without the burden of time spent searching through printed reports, especially since ReQuord Report Distribution for Construction is integrated with Viewpoint, SAP, JD Edwards, and other construction ERP systems. Additionally, printed copies of documents can be archived electronically and distributed without any manual effort, resulting in time and cost savings. Your CEO will never be happier.

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