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Viewpoint Document Management Integration

Viewpoint Integration: ReQuord Content Management SoftwareViewpoint is the leading enterprise-wide software provider in the construction market because it helps construction professionals efficiently manage all areas of finance and operations.

The Problem: drawings, invoices, change orders, contracts, timecards, email, and all other documents are not accessible from within Viewpoint, leading to silos of information for estimating, pre-construction, sub-contracting, close-out, and management.

Requordit Construction ECM Software

We alleviate this problem by creating complete organizational transparency. Requordit Construction ECM software has been certified by Viewpoint for use in Viewpoint. Key integration functionality includes:

  • Global Access: we believe that you should have access to all documents, in all applications on all platforms (web, mobile, on/offline); this means that if information originates in Prolog, we will "Requordit" to Viewpoint so users can see it there – this is what we mean by "complete organizational transparency"
  • Workflow: arriving documents drive business processes via workflow rule-based actions that require little no human interaction; Requordit integrates with Viewpoint, but also with all other applications you might own to provide a true enterprise workflow system – imagine everyone in one application for workflow that updates accounting, project management and other software (both public facing and internally)
  • Mobility: documents to be viewed and approved from any device, including the iPhone and iPad, Android phones and tablets, and Blackberry devices
  • Security: ensures that users see only what they should with access levels defined at the document level

Requordit and Viewpoint are pleased to officially announce their partnership and product integration. Read the press release here

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