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Construction Workflow Automation Software

Requordit Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Workflow Automation Solutions from REQUORDITConsidering that 60% of a construction firm's employees day is spent working with documents and records, does your construction firm suffer from any of the following?

  • Project closeouts taking weeks or months
  • Employees spending too much time hunting for paper and electronic documents
  • Confusion over who is working on what and the status of tasks
  • Inefficiency from moving paper files back and forth for processing and approval
  • Misplaced or lost documents
  • Duplicate work
  • Some employees being swamped with work, while others stand idle
  • Busy decision makers causing process bottlenecks because they are needed for review and approvals but are regularly unavailable
  • Employees choosing what to work on instead of working on what is needed and time-sensitive

The Answer to Your Process Problems: Workflow Automation

Requordit construction ECM software automatically routes documents to be processed to the appropriate employee. When they're done with their work, the document is then automatically routed to the next for further processing, review and approval. If they do not finish their work in a timely manner, their supervisor is alerted to the issue.

The resulting one click project close-outs and employee efficiency gains are often dramatic, especially for entry level employees who spend more time on the tasks best suited for their experience level and not on low-value tasks like document search and retrieval.

By implementing Requordit construction ECM, you will streamline all workflows, particularly those involving the processing of invoices, POs and contracts, new employee applications, I-9s and timecards, RFIs and change orders, daily reports, and drawings. This makes it much easier for your employees to find documents they need and to get the job done right, the first time.

Start in One Department

While workflow automation software can have powerful effects on a construction firm at the enterprise level, it's often better to start small at the department level to see some immediate benefit that can then justify looking at other areas of your construction business.

Accounts payable (AP) typically offers the largest and most immediate financial benefit, followed by human resources with new employee on-boarding, project supervisor daily reporting, project management, and drawing management.

Construction ERP & Project Management Integration

Being integrated with construction enterprise resource planning (ERP) and project management (PM) software allows these fully processed documents to automatically trigger events like purchase orders being issued, checks being cut and retention scheduling being applied (per the requirement for each document). These ERP and PM applications include:

ERP/Accounting Integration

Project Management/Other Integration

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