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Connect Asset Documents & Data with Requordit Asset Management

Government Asset Management | Requordit ECMWith Requordit Enterprise Content Management (ECM), powered by OnBase, solutions for Asset Management, all the content you need to maintain your assets and complete reviews, inspections and other processes is stored in a central document repository. Requordit ECM connects to asset management, permitting and planning solutions like your in-house databases, Azteca Cityworks and Accela Automation so your data and documents are finally connected, allowing you to manage things like plan revisions, contracts and CAD drawings from the applications your staff uses every day.

Requordit ECM lets you transform processes with automation, speeding up projects while allowing for simultaneous reviews and improved collaboration. Using Requordit ECM, you safely preserve this content while providing staff with access to these documents in the field using laptops, tablets and smartphones.

With Requordit ECM, you automate processes and provide self-service and online access, allowing constituents to serve themselves so your staff can focus on work and stop answering the phone. Requordit ECM captures and secures documents, connects your databases and speed up processes, all while becoming more mobile and providing better service to your constituents.

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