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SharePoint Integration: Archive Services

SharePoint Integration: ReQuord Content Management SoftwareThe Archive Services for Microsoft SharePoint transfers SharePoint content into ReQuord to take advantage of advanced enterprise content management, including complex workflow processing, centralized records management and robust storage solutions.


Content that supports business transactions: Any project team or department that generates content that will eventually support a business or financial transaction, such as an organization’s legal department, can benefit. For example, an organization can use SharePoint to allow the legal department to collaborate on contract and agreement creation and to manage simple approval processes. After all documents have been approved, Archive Services for SharePoint can be used to transfer the documents into ReQuord, to be routed through Workflow for processing and to automate future contract renewal processes.


  1. Microsoft SharePoint is leveraged for team collaboration and individual document creation.
  2. Documents are automatically or interactively transferred from SharePoint into ReQuord.
  3. Using ReQuord, a records manager can centrally access sets of related documents that have been automatically correlated from multiple
    sources, including SharePoint content.
  4. ReQuord Workflow can be utilized to centrally manage sets of automatically correlated documents through complex business processes.
  5. Even though a SharePoint document may have been moved to the ReQuord repository, it can still be retrieved by users through SharePoint from its original document library location, and can even allow SharePoint users to interact with ReQuord Workflow.


  • Leverages investments by integrating these enterprise solutions, to take advantage of the strengths of each.
  • Transfers content automatically or interactively with a range of options that provide flexibility to meet specific business needs.
  • Provides an immediate, out-of-the-box solution that allows SharePoint administrators and site owners to easily deploy a seamless archive solution without any custom development.
  • Reduces costs associated with the administration and infrastructure required by enterprise SharePoint deployments.

Combining SharePoint's intuitive collaboration and portal capabilities with the workflow and document management features of Requordit ECM Software, your organization can have the best of both worlds. Requordit also integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office to simplify storing and retrieving emails and other electronic documents with a given project.

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 ReQuord Software Archive Solution Example

Documents transferred into and removed from SharePoint can still be accessed from their original SharePoint Document Library location