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SharePoint Integration: Site Provisioning

SharePoint Integration (Site Provisioning): ReQuord Content Management SoftwareSite Provisioning for Microsoft SharePoint leverages ReQuord Workflow to apply process controls to SharePoint 2007 and 2010 site creation. ReQuord E-Forms and Workflow are used to request new sites and automatically route and track the request through an approval process. Once approved, a ReQuord Workflow action automatically creates the SharePoint sites, and maintains a full auditable history of all site requests and site creation.


  1. Users complete and submit site request e-forms from any location, including SharePoint and ReQuord.
  2. E-forms are automatically processed into ReQuord and routed by Workflow for designated approvals.
  3. ReQuord Workflow, using SharePoint Site Templates, automatically creates the new site.
  4. Teams of users with site permissions begin sharing content and collaborate via the new SharePoint site.

Key Features

  • SharePoint Site Dashboard Portlet allows easy monitoring of site creation log.
  • Leverages ReQuord E-Forms to capture and manage users’ SharePoint site requests.
  • Leverages ReQuord Workflow to automate site request approval and creation.


  • Supports SharePoint governance initiatives by applying process controls to SharePoint site approval and creation.
  • Minimizes legal and regulatory compliance risks associated with decentralized, ad-hoc user creation of SharePoint sites.
  • Maximizes search effectiveness leveraging template-driven, standardized classification of content and search scopes.
  • Provides a complete site provisioning history that allows auditable tracking of requests, approval and creation.

Combining SharePoint's intuitive collaboration and portal capabilities with the workflow and document management features of ReQuord Software, your organization can have the best of both worlds. ReQuord also also integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office to simplify storing and retrieving emails and other electronic documents with a given project.

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