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SharePoint Integration: Web Parts

SharePoint Integration: ReQuord Content Management SoftwareWeb Parts for Microsoft SharePoint allows ReQuord users to search, retrieve, view and interact with the ReQuord content, automated business processes and functionality they need to perform their day-to-day job responsibilities from within their familiar SharePoint environment.


  • Occasional & Beginner Users: enables easy access to multiple Workflow queues, standard query results and other regularly accessed content through familiar SharePoint Web pages.
  • Interface Consolidation: users who need access to ReQuord and SharePoint content can view and access both through a single interface, eliminating the need to log into multiple applications.
  • Outsourcing: allows outsourced departments’ employees to view documents and interact real-time with workflows and processes via familiar SharePoint Web pages.

Key Features

  • Web Parts Extend Various ReQuord Modules & Functionality Including: Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), Custom Query, Document Knowledge Transfer (DKT), EForms, Envelopes, File Upload, Folders, Workflow, and WorkView.
  • Easy deployment without the need for custom development.
  • Utilizes NT Authentication or SharePoint Single Sign-On to provide a seamless user experience.
  • Simple point-and-click configuration of ReQuord Web Parts.


  • Leverages investments by integrating these enterprise solutions, to take advantage of the strengths of each.
  • Promotes worker efficiency by consolidating these enterprise solutions to a single interface and reducing the need for—and the costs associated with—end user training and support.
  • Immediate, out-of-the-box access allowing business users to extend ReQuord content and functionality into SharePoint team and executive dashboard sites without any custom development.
  • Public and remote access to ReQuord content and workflows through SharePoint extranets.
  • Deployment flexibility with a wide array of Web Parts that support both SharePoint and ReQuord permission-based access.

Combining SharePoint's intuitive collaboration and portal capabilities with the workflow and document management features of ReQuord Software, your organization can have the best of both worlds. ReQuord also also integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office to simplify storing and retrieving emails and other electronic documents with a given project.

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