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SharePoint Integration: ReQuord Software

SharePoint Integration: ReQuord Content Management SoftwareMicrosoft SharePoint combines a familiar interface with strong collaboration tools that improve organizational efficiency. By deploying SharePoint, companies reduce the time to deliver critical documents, and enable their teams to operate at a whole new level of efficiency.

The Problem: SharePoint can store drawings, invoices, change orders, RFIs, contracts, and timecards in libraries, but they are not accessible to your ERP system like SAP, Viewpoint and Oracle/JD Edwards. This leads to silos of information for departments, divisions and the enterprise as a whole.

ReQuord Software

REQUORDIT alleviates this problem by integrating SharePoint with our document management platform, ReQuord. Whether you are deploying current or past versions, the certified integrations enable you to deploy transactional processing capabilities directly accessible from the SharePoint interface. Invoice processing, contract management approval and human resources workflows become accessible from within SharePoint portals, and are deployed quickly and efficiently with the intuitive workflow designer built into ReQuord.

Integrated Functionality

  • Archive Services: instantly capture SharePoint content and automatically connect it to the rest of your documents, information and reports processed and historically archived in ReQuord without any custom programming
  • Web Parts: your staff spends most of their time working in SharePoint, yet the supporting documents, data and reports they need to make decisions are processed and stored in ReQuord; this keeps your decision makers in their familiar SharePoint interface by allowing them to interact with ReQuord content and automated business processes and to provide them with a complete view of all the information they need
  • Site Provisioning: apply secure process controls to better regulate site approval and creation, and reclaim control with site provisioning for Microsoft SharePoint and ReQuord Workflow
  • Ad-hoc Scanning: enable your users to scan the paper documents that cross their desks the moment they're received, without leaving SharePoint
  • Integration with Microsoft Search: easily locate and access essential ReQuord content without leaving your familiar Microsoft Search engine

Combining SharePoint's intuitive collaboration and portal capabilities with the workflow and document management features of ReQuord Construction, your organization can have the best of both worlds. ReQuord also also integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office to simplify storing and retrieving emails and other electronic documents with a given project.

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