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ReQuord CaptureStation

Requord CaptureStation Software from REQUORDITReQuord CaptureStation simplifies scanning and indexing documents, and uploading them into ReQuord Document Management or any other document management application.

CaptureStation is ideal for remote offices for distributed scanning, shipping/receiving docks and anywhere else paper comes into the organization and needs to be scanned instead of being FedEx-ed or couriered to headquarters.

Document Scanning Software

ReQuord CaptureStation consists of ReQuord Capture software running on a network-attached scanner with the interface being a touchscreen instead of desktop software. The touchscreen enables users to select document group, document type and enter basic indexing information from pre-populated fields or drop down menus. Users simply do this, press the scan button and are done. The document is then indexed and stored within ReQuord Document Management or other document management application.

Document Scanning Hardware

The network-attached scanner is a Kodak Scan Station 500. Setup consists of one step: plug it into any ethernet port and you're ready to go.

ReQuord CaptureStation Benefits

  • No specialized training increases user adoption
  • Combined hardware and software speeds deployment
  • Deploy it anywhere there is an ethernet port

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