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ReQuord Capture

ReQuord Capture from REQUORDITHow do you make scanning ridiculously simple for the average knowledge worker whose primary job isn't document management? Deploy ReQuord Capture software.

ReQuord Capture provides an intuitive scanning interface to simplify scanning. Simply use your mouse to click the Document Group and Document Type and then click the Scan button. By using drop-down menus and pre-populated values, users make simple choices for classifying and indexing a document into ReQuord Document Management or any other document management system.

ReQuord Capture Benefits

  • Simple interface virtually eliminates training
  • Pre-populated index fields simplify document indexing and classification
  • Increases user adoption through simplicity

If you'd like to use ReQuord Capture on a network-attached scanner, which is perfect for distributed scanning, see ReQuord CaptureStation.

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