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ReQuord Document Management CaptureThe whole point of capturing your information into one centralized system is so that your employees no longer waste valuable time looking for what they need.

With employees in many different roles, with varying responsibilities across a range of locations, you need multiple ways for them to access the information they need. The options available within ReQuord Document Management from REQUORDIT allow you to:

  • Provide instant access to your employees whether they're working on computers in the office, at home or even on the road, directly from their mobile devices
  • Take your customer service to a whole new level by allowing your customers to access their documents themselves
  • Keep training to a minimum by connecting ReQuord Document Management to your existing applications, allowing your users to access OnBase content directly from the screens they are already familiar with

You can use one or a combination of these to ensure that your employees are as productive as possible directly from your application (without switching apps):

  • Client Interfaces: users can access their documents from their PC or Mac, through any web browser
  • Mobile Clients: access your documents and interact with your business processes anywhere, anytime, such as the iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone devices
  • E-mail Clients: allow your employees to interact with ReQuord Document Management content directly from their email client, whether using Microsoft Outlook, IBM Lotus Notes or Novell Groupwise
  • External and Public Access: extend document visibility to external audiences such as customers, partners, constituents, students, etc.

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