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ReQuord Document Management CaptureIncorporate All of Your Documents into ReQuord Document Management

Your important documents and information can be literally everywhere—from paper documents in filing cabinets to information stored in your various business systems, SharePoint sites, file shares to email—which presents a business processing and management nightmare.

ReQuord Document Management from REQUORDIT allows you to take control of this scattered content by securely storing all your important business information in one place. Goodbye scattered, hello centralized.

This has a dramatic impact on employee productivity because they:

  • Spend less time searching for information because it is all stored in one place
  • Have more control over their work because they see what is missing

And think what this means for your compliance concerns. This means there is:

  • One place to keep secure
  • One place to backup
  • One place to manage your retention requirements

REQUORDIT offers three main document capture options:

Capture Station



ReQuord CaptureStation Software from REQUORDIT
ReQuord Capture Software from REQUORDIT
ReQuord ScanNow Software from REQUORDIT

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