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Integrate ReQuord Document Management with Other Business Applications

ReQuord Document Management CaptureReQuord Document Management from REQUORDIT can easily integrate with all your other business applications with our application enabler, APIs, web services, and professional services.

Why would you do so? It's quite simple. Not only do your employees no longer have to leave their desks to find the information that they need, when you integrate ReQuord Document Management with your other applications, they no longer even have to leave the screen they're on. With a click of the mouse, documents and information needed appear directly on their screen.

By integrating ReQuord Document Management with your existing software applications, you maximize employee time and energy. Specifically:

  • Training requirements are kept to a minimum because no new software has to be learned
  • You save time and reduce risk because you eliminate the manual transfer of data between ReQuord Document Management and your other applications

Just as there are a huge variety of both software applications and business requirements, ReQuord Document Management likewise provides a range of integration tools that require no customized coding to implement.

We have tools which allow you to integrate with any application, and also have specific purpose-built tight integrations for a variety of Microsoft applications as well as a variety of popular ERP applications such as Oracle PeopleSoft, SAP and Lawson.

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