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Enterprise Content Management Software

Document Management Solutions from REQUORDITWhat if you could deploy enterprise content management (ECM) solution that:

  • Allows access to content in all its forms throughout your organization
  • Gives secure 24/7 access to all knowledge workers with an internet connection or mobile device
  • Provides executive leadership the ability to make better decisions, faster
  • Allows management the visibility into processes to identify and resolve bottlenecks
  • Streamlines processes and stimulates productivity with workflow functionality
  • Minimizes risk of lost documents, regulatory fines and lawsuits

ECM software and integration from Requordit provides you with the tools to do all of this and more.

Enterprise-Wide Benefits Begin in a Single Department

You can see our solutions every day in leading state and local government agencies, courts, universities, financial services firms, manufacturers, distributors, and construction companies. Our clients typically start with our document management solution in accounts payable, accounts receivable and HR and/or roll out into other departments, such as legal, purchasing and customer service. It all starts with a complimentary demo...

How Requordit ECM Works

ReQuord Document Management CaptureReQuord Document Management ProcessReQuord Document Management AccessReQuord Document Management IntegrateReQuord Document Management MeasureReQuord Document Management Store

The ReQuord Document Management platform consists of the following elements, developed with over 15 years of market experience:

  • Capture: incorporating information from paper, media and electronic forms
  • Process: optimizing the efficiency of all business processes
  • Access: making all content available to authorized personnel anytime, anywhere
  • Integrate: connecting content with your ERP and line-of-business applications
  • Measure: providing transparent visibility and automated retention schedules
  • Store: enabling all content to be found quickly

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Below are some examples of the types of solutions we have provided:

Report Distribution for a Leading Chicago University

The university was distributing weekly human resource reports via paper. The reports were generated on their HR mainframe system, and then printed and physically distributed throughout the campus by dedicated personnel and vehicles. There was considerable expense and risk associated with this process.

Our solution electronically distributed the reports, eliminating the entire printing and distribution infrastructure, paying for itself within two weeks of implementation. This also had the unintended benefit of having these documents searchable, resulting in time savings by not having to search for information, as well as improved efficiency within the department.

Audit Services for a Leading Defense Contractor

At each quarter end, this client's accounts payable audit process took months. People were spending time looking for documents stored onsite and offsite, as well as pulling staff off their day-to-day duties in search of information.

By providing a login to our system, auditors were able to retrieve documents in seconds to support their audit activities. Audits went from weeks to days, significantly reducing their ongoing audit costs.

Document Retention for a Leading Distributor

A leading distributor was tasked with reducing the documents they stored for a variety of legal issues. If they kept the documents outside of their stated parameters, it could result in significant legal action.

Our solution involved scanning and indexing all of their documents, and then applying our document retention schedule to the entire database. The result is that the system automatically destroyed appropriate documents by applying document retention rules to the database.