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Once videos and photos are taken at a crime scene, it can be very time-consuming to upload them into your document management system, let alone indexing them so they can be found later—all the while adhere to federal evidentiary chain of custody regulations. This takes time away from gathering critical case information from the field, causing police departments and other law enforcement agencies to either add resources they don't have budget for or fail to manage cases in a timely manner.

A Better Way to Archive Photos & Video

ReQuord Media archives all media files to Requordit document management software, powered by OnBase. Meta data is also archived, including the time, date, aptitude, light, etc. ReQuord Media also provides a replica of the raw file for viewing in a thumbnail page view of only 50 KB to avoid slowing down system performance, making working with photos convenient and easy to use. ReQuord Media is integrated into the Rimage DVD writer and Noritsu Photo printer for complete automation of the photo labs of the County.

Additionally, ReQuord Media has innovatively optimized transfer streaming technology to provide fast archiving of video files. In fact, we've developed an application that integrates with the Taser devices that are video-enabled. When an officer cradles their Taser, they are automatically prompted for the event ID so that the video evidence is archived properly.

ReQuord Media Benefits

  • Simplifies compliance with federal chain of custody regulations
  • Allows uploading from police cruiser laptops to ReQuord document management software
  • Requires fewer officers to complete evidence gathering and managing media files

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