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ReQuord Cloud Backup

ReQuord Cloud Backup from REQUORDITHaving a solid data backup plan is essential to being able to survive a data disaster. A data disaster can be as simple as your servers going down, or as complex as a natural disaster destroying your facility. Companies that do not have a solid disaster recovery solution in place are significantly more likely to not survive a data disaster.

ReQuord Backup provides offsite data backup capabilities for any organization. Contracted through a highly redundant network, ReQuord Backup provides highly available, highly secure and geographically diverse data storage. Best Practices in this field state that your data should be backed up over 2000 miles away from the primary site. Included in the maintenance price of your software, ReQuord Backup provides you with a backup alternative that can fit any budget. Even if you just use the service for your document management solution, ReQuord Backup can provide you with the assurance that your critical data will survive whatever natural (or man made) disaster you may confront.

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