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ReQuord Invoices

ReQuord Invoices from REQUORDITBy using optical character recognition (OCR) and unstructured forms processing algorithms, ReQuord Invoices automatically extracts both header and line-item data from scanned documents quickly and efficiently. This eliminates manual invoice indexing and mistakes, increases processing speed and reduces overhead costs.

Extracted invoice data is then automatically populated into ReQuord Document Management or any other document management software application. With ReQuord Invoices, there is no need for complex and costly software, supporting databases or servers.

Cloud Invoice Processing

Delivered as a hosted solution, simply send the invoice via fax, email or scanned image to ReQuord Invoices. It returns an image plus all appropriate invoice header information. You can also get line-item information to compare against receivers. Since it's a hosted solution, you'll never have to worry about software updates or server maintenance.

ReQuord Invoices Benefits

  • No hardware or software to deploy speeds implementation
  • Reduces or eliminates manual indexing for invoices
  • Robust features at a competitive price

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