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ReQuord SaveNow Microsoft Word e-Form Integration from REQUORDIT

ReQuord SaveNow enables you to integrate field capture in Microsoft Word forms directly with your document management system, such as ReQuord DM.

Following a quick and easy implementation where Word form fields are mapped to document management index values, ReQuord embeds a "Save Now" button at the top of every form.

Users simply fill out the form, click "Save Now" and all Word field data is automatically populated into your document management system, which also creates an electronic version of the completed form.

Using SaveNow, Word form fields can also trigger workflows like invoice or purchase order approvals that are configured in the document management system.

ReQuord SaveNow Benefits

  • Integrates Microsoft Word forms with your document management system
  • Eliminates the need for paper, filing, data entry, and document scanning
  • Works well with ReQuord Document Management software

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