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ReQuord ScanNow Software

ReQuord ScanNow is a thin client document scanning application that image-enables your cloud document management system, such as ReQuord Document Management—or any web-based application, including court management systems, HR or accounting software.

When presented with a document, the user clicks the "Scan" button integrated within your cloud document management application. The document is immediate scanned using any ISIS document scanner and is indexed based on the information on the screen. There are no barcode sheets, no centralized scanning and, most importantly, there are no missing documents. ScanNow is built off of the same technology use in ReQuord Capture, our desktop capture software application.

ReQuord ScanNow Benefits

  • Simplifies document scanning, indexing, classification, and storage
  • Integrates with any web-based application
  • Works with any ISIS document scanner
  • Is easy to use and deploy

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