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Business System Integration

Business System Integration from REQUORDITMany organizations have several business systems that have been customized and broadened to support their unique needs. For government, this may include ESRI, GIS, CMS and law enforcement applications. For all organizations, it may include ERP, Human Resources or Contract Management applications. Each provides specific functionality and support business operations.

With multiple systems, users may be required to access several systems in order to get a complete set of information. This can create a significant challenge for users when trying to obtain documentation related to any one transaction, and can cost your organization by being inefficient and having to put excessive processes in place to manage these activities.

Imagine being able to retrieve a complete set of documents or records from across your business at the touch of a button. Our team of experts have built one of the most comprehensive strategies for collecting and archiving information from multiple business systems, into one central solution.

We will work with your business to consolidate and archive information from within your business systems. We can work with your home grown applications or the latest and greatest off the shelf systems. Users will be given the ability to retrieve all relevant documentation on any transaction from across the organization, quickly and easily.

We help you leverage your existing infrastructure without having to create expensive middleware or complex data structures. Our solutions provide your entire enterprise with secure information access without having to train staff on multiple software applications, resulting in significant time saving benefits.

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