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Conversion & Consolidation Services

Conversion Services from REQUORDITMoving from one document management system to another can be quite complex. The old system may not be able to easily archive the existing images and meta data from the old system. The images may be in an old format, and require some basic conversion to more current formats. The meta data may also require some significant massaging before the migration takes place. You need a partner that not only understands the technologies, but has a process in place that reduces risk and time spent on the project.

REQUORDIT has created a standardized process for migrating documents from one system to a newer installation. We convert a small number of images to confirm that the conversion can take place.

This involves scripting and testing the customized development to be sure that the images are not only converted but are able to be imported into your new system. Once this is complete, we begin importing images in batches, usually between 10k to 20k documents at a time. After each conversion, we perform quality assurance tests. This way, we can safely migrate your documents, and minimize the down time associated with the unforeseen.

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