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SAP Document Management Integration

SAP Integration: ReQuord Content Management SoftwareWith our document management integration solution, you can now access all of the following documents from Requordit ECM software right from your SAP toolbar: invoices, employee files, timecards, contracts, drawings, delivery receipts, email, and any other type of document.

SAP & Document Management Sync

We also integrate Requordit document management software with SAP on the data level. When a user updates an entry in SAP, Requordit ECM is automatically updated in the background and vice versa. This allows your staff to pend less time managing data, documents and processes, and let the Requordit ECM Integration for SAP keep everything in sync.

Key SAP Integration Functionality

Specific integration functionality includes:

  • Access: documents can be saved, automatically indexed and retrieved directly from within SAP via our archive LINK compliant integration, and documents can be accessed on a mobile device and in a disconnected state
  • Workflow: documents know where they need to go; FB60 or MIRO transactions can be approved by coding invoices on your phone; documents can drive processes both inside SAP and out while maintaining the ability to fire ABAP code, invoking nearly any SAP function, representing true integration that respects SAP's strengths in their software while maximizing our value seamlessly and effortlessly
  • Mobility: documents to be viewed and approved from any device, including the iPhone and iPad, Android phones and tablets, and Blackberry devices
  • Security: ensures that users see only what they should with access levels defined at the document level

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