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Project Implementation Services

REQUORDIT uses a unique team-based approach to meet our clients needs. This team approach ensures that there is always someone available to help you when you need it. Each client team consists of an account manager, a project manager, an implementation specialist and our support group that is there to meet your needs. Our team will deliver the solution promised on time and on budget. By assigning a team you always have a number of contact points ready to help when needed. Accountability is guaranteed.

Every project is comprised of stages that match our Proven Implementation Process, which includes the following.

  • Consulting: Sales Professionals meet with clients to develop a Solution Overview. The Solution Overview provides an synopsis of the technology, and how it will solve your business challenge.

  • Project Management: Project Managers help translate the Solution Overview into an implementation roadmap by developing and assigning the tasks needed to build the solution. The Project Manager works closely with our clients every step of the way by holding regular conference calls to discuss progress.

  • Solution Implementation: Our technical team works with the Project Managers to complete all of the required technology tasks. Whether that involves configuration or writing code, our developers work quickly and efficiently to deliver the solution on time.

  • Quality Assurance/Testing: After development, the solution goes through a rigorous quality assurance and testing process to assure the software performs as requested.

  • Training: REQUORDIT includes a training plan and holds training sessions for end users. This assures that not only does the solution meet their needs, but that it is properly used.

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