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Drawing Management

Drawing Management Solutions from REQUORDITWhether it's construction, manufacturing or engineering, your drawings represent the core of what your organization does. In many cases, the drawing content needs to be shared both inside and outside of your organization. The nature of compound drawings eliminates the ability to store these critical documents on file shares. There are a number of additional documents that may need to be connected to these drawings, though which can be stored in file shares or other document management applications. These can include change orders, emails, as builts, or invoices.

The question becomes how do you connect these compound documents created with CAD applications, and make them available to multiple parties? How do you control these documents inside your organization, and connect them to a variety of business processes?

REQUORDIT understands the critical nature of being able to easily and efficiently manage these documents, and delivers a robust drawing management solution with our CAD Services module, which enables you to efficiently manage these documents in a structured manner. You can check them in and check them out, providing a structured means to manage ongoing changes. The CAD Services module also allows you to connect the drawings to appropriate processes, such as change requests, purchasing specifications or customer driven markups. Lastly, the CAD Services module provides the unique ability to manage these compound documents and their related documents easily and efficiently, improving control and accountability across your company.

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