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Electronic Forms Solutions | Requordit Document ManagementFilling out a paper form only leads to trouble. It gets lost in a stack, it gets coffee spilled on it and there is no way to determine if and when any action was taken on it. Process accountability is difficult at best.

Using electronic forms with workflow provides a host of benefits, ranging from eliminating printing and routing costs (FedEx and mail charges) to providing full accountability and reminders for time sensitive information.

Requordit can turn the promise of electronic forms into measurable cost savings. Employees can complete an electronic form and be notified of any change in its status automatically. Staff involved in the approval process receives proactive notifications of a request as well as reminders if nothing is done. Electronic forms or "e-forms" can be used to enter orders or request information both inside and outside your organization.

To make creating e-forms as simple as possible, we've developed ReQuord SaveNow. Just create a form in Microsoft Word, click a button and cut and past the resulting HTML form onto a website, extranet or intranet without having to program anything.

Whatever e-forms solution is right for you, we will train you to create these forms and associated workflow yourselves, enabling you to automate processes as quickly as you can create each electronic form.

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