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Workflow Automation Software

Workflow Automation Software

Workflow Automation Software | Requordit Document ManagementProcess workflow exists throughout organizations for a reason: to approve some sort of transaction. Invoices, human resources and contracts (to name a few) all have documents which must be approved in order for your business to operate. The systems that drive these departments can be laden with documents, whether paper, email or fax, that must be used to track the transaction. Electronic document workflows can streamline these processes, automating everything but those exceptions requiring manual interaction.

Requordit will streamline processes using workflow automation software combined with our extensive business process automation (BPA) experience. Your staff will no longer have to wait for the documents that they need to do their job. With our solutions, your staff will be presented with the information and documents they need to quickly process invoices, on-board new employees, manage change requests, or handle any other task. Our workflow solutions also improve accountability, eliminating time and resources spent tracking down documents, enabling you to spend more resources growing your business.

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